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comma will upstream the official Volt support on 06/16/2018. Some more polishing left to do.

  • radar_interface needs a bit that determines when a track is new to avoid data "jumps" when the same track ID switches from an object to another. Not so important, as objects seem to move to next available ID slot so the "jump" event should be rare.
  • Currently you can only engage > 15 mph, otherwise the gas won't respond. However, resume button seem to work sometime, even < 15mph. Find a way to reliably engage < 15mph.
  • Car won't resume from stop on a moderate uphill. Probably need to allow more gas otherwise hill assist won't release.
  • canpacker is used to pack the most important messages in gmcan.py (steer, gas, brake). Use canpacker on all other messages too.
  • Brake control module can fault and not respond to brake commands. It should be reproducible when killing manager while in standstill with ACC on (EPB will engage). Need to find the fault bit on PT-CAN and disallow openpilot engagements when present.