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  • Safety
    • When the driver overrides openpilot steering, a safety mechanism must be present to limit how much torque is produced against the driver's will and to smooth the dynamic response right after the driver releases the steering wheel. Failing to implement such limitation is against the 2nd comma's safety principle: "... The vehicle must not alter its trajectory too quickly for the driver to safely react. This means that while the system is engaged, the actuators are constrained to operate within reasonable limits...". See comma's safety principles
  • Convenience bugs:
    • Soft disengagement when traction control is off
    • tune pid controller. Currently, proportional gain seems too high at low speeds
    • it happens that lateral control stops responding for long time and no alerts are sent out while openpilot is engaged. An alert must be shown and openpilot must disengage.
    • Understand how to prevent/recover lateral faults (maybe commanding zero steer torque torque while certain bits are set by the Electronic Power Steering Module?)
    • Soft disengagement when traction control is off