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The Volkswagen OBDII port delivers only a CAN Diagnose high/low signal. A J533_Sniffing_Cable is needed to connect your panda.

The following is being proposed as a Safety Model] for Panda interaction. Work in Progress.


Support all Volkswagen MQB vehicles.

Candidate vehicles for lateral: front-assist module R242 with coding to accept steering corrections to J500.

Stock camera needs to be filtered in order for the car to accept transmitted CAN commands from Panda.

Filtering ( Requirement if you build the filtering cable )

Flash Panda with bugsy924's repo. This will make your Panda boot in VW Safety Model by default.

This achieves the following goals

- Filter stock Camera messages from Can1 extended CAN hook up

- Send filter data with crafted OP steering messages to Can0

#volkswagen hook-up / Filtering configuration

Replacing the stock cable with a Y-harness that routes Extended CAN -bus via Panda will require you to keep Panda connected at all times or create switches similar to Giraffe.

Aciid's cable ( Pinout )

J533_Sniffing_Cable components for J553, create the pinout to mimic the stock adapter, with the following alteration. You still need to route most 20 wires between original connector and the J553 unit, Terminal 15 (ign), Terminal 30 and GND go to Panda as well. Extended CAN goes first to Panda, then is routed back to J533.

Panda pin 6 - J533 pin 17 ( Extended High )
Panda pin 14 - J533 pin 7 ( Extended Low )
Panda pin 11 - Wiring harness connector pin LOW ( Wiring harness Low )
Panda pin 3 - Wiring harness connector pin HIGH ( Wiring harness High )

Can0 - should connect to j533 on 7/17
Can1 - should connect to the car wiring that used to be hooked up to 7/17, along with a 120 ohm termination resistor
Can2 - not used yet
Thanks jyoung8607

J533 Pinout - MQB "Highline trim"

This is just a reference from Skoda Octavia MY17, please check model specific from ERWIN if you are unsure.

1 -     Battery + (terminal 30)
2 -     LIN data bus 1
3 -     Not used
4 -     Not used
5 -     CAN bus Low (convenience)
6 -     CAN bus Low (drive)
7 -     CAN bus Low (extended)
8 -     CAN bus Low (instrument cluster)
9 -     CAN Bus Low (diagnosis)
10 -     CAN Bus Low (infotainment)
11 -     Ground – (terminal 31)
12 -     Ground – (terminal 31)
13 -     Instrument cluster wake-up
14 -     Terminal 15
15 -     CAN bus High (convenience)
16 -     CAN bus High (drive)
17 -     CAN bus High (extended)
18 -     CAN bus High (instrument cluster)
19 -     CAN bus High (diagnosis)
20 - 	 CAN bus High (infotainment)
Thanks P2

Adding the cable, identifying errors

When you install any variation of the cable or splitter adapter builds, remember to take off the battery. taking off the battery will lead to ton of warnings like "ACC not ready", "tpms not ready", "ESC not ready"

These errors will go away after a short 0.5mile / 1km drive down the runway and residual lights in dash will disasppear after then restarting the car

If you instead get errors with haltex module or anything in-gear then your CAN-bus is not forwarded correctly. This might be due your panda is not flashed with the correct firmware to forward the messages as this Volkswagen proposal requires you to do and they are instead only read in Can1 with stock Panda.

Official documentation

Volkswagen technical info can be found here: