Running ChffrPlus on the EON

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ChffrPlus comes with the EON, and is a great dashcam app. The dashcam and data logger utility integrate with your Comma account to earn you Comma points.

The EON will need constant power to run ChffrPlus. This can be accomplished by using a Panda attached to a Giraffe, a panda attached to the OBDII port of your car, or a USB cable to a power outlet to your car.

ChffrPlus will begin recording under one of two situations.

  • If using a Panda it will begin recording when the panda detects an Ignition signal from the car.
  • If not connecting to a panda, or if panda does not detect an Ignition signal recording will start once GPS movement is detected.

When you first run ChffrPlus it needs to calibrate. Calibration can only happen at above 15mph and will take roughly a minute to complete.