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panda is a universal car interface. Panda's allow you to talk to your car over USB and WiFi. It supports 3 CAN buses, 2 LIN buses, and 1 GMLAN. The software is 100% open source and is developed openly. Top contributors will be offered a job, has a budget to fund this development, as we win if cars are more open and easier to talk to.


  • Always make sure you are running the latest firmware. You can update this through the chffr app.
  • Pandas come preassigned to your account if you buy/sell/trade a panda at this time you have to notify comma to get the account relinked[1]. This will be exposed to users at some point in the future.
  • Connecting Panda to Comma Neo

Setup Guide

  • Power your panda via OBD-II or USB
  • Search available networks on your mobile device to discover the panda network ID
  • In the chffr app, tap "add panda" and enter the network ID
  • Tap the password to copy it
  • Now join the panda network discovered earlier, and paste the password from chffr
  • In chffr, tap the panda you just added and check for software updates

Windows Driver Setup

For now, no official driver is provided for Windows, but you can use Zadig[2] to install a universal USB driver for panda, use "WinUSB (libusb)" option. Installing the driver enables Canbana's realtime streaming mode with Chrome's WebUSB.

Linux udev rules

sudo -i
echo 'SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="bbaa", ATTR{idProduct}=="ddcc", MODE:="0666"' > /etc/udev/rules.d/11-panda.rules

LED Indicators

Pandas contain a tri-color (RGB) LED near the USB port and a blue LED onboard the wifi chip.

  • Red: This is your panda's heartbeat. It fades in and out
  • Green: Controls allowed (can send messages)
  • Blue (USB end): Can detected!
  • Blue (wifi): Blinks on WiFi messages

Connecting Panda to Computer



With the latest update to the panda, it should show up in Linux as a CAN network adapter.

Panda Paw

Plug in the Panda Paw, it should just work.®

Without Panda Paw

Rev C - Acceptable

Rev B - You probably don't want to connect a panda to your computer and to your car at the same time unless you build a cable or adapter that only connects the usb data wires.

Panda Features

  • Rev B (Initial Giveaway Pandas)
    • Full Speed (12 Mbit/s) USB 2.0 communication
    • Charging limited to 500 mA
  • Rev C (All Purchased Pandas)
    • Full Speed (12 Mbit/s) USB 2.0 communication
    • Battery Charging Specification Revision 1.2 compliance (up to 1.5A)
    • Support for Quick Charge 1.0 (up to 2A)
    • Max current over USB is ~3 Amps. 4 Amps would trigger temperature protection circuit.
    • GMLAN can replace *either* CAN2 or CAN3

Troubleshooting Panda

Known problems and troubleshooting steps:

  • Panda is flashing red; Chffr app says the name and then [broken].
    • Unplug/power down the panda
    • Disable wifi
    • Power on the panda
    • Re-enable wifi
    • Reconnect to the panda in chffr
  • Software update failure
    • Enable airplane mode
    • Enable wifi
    • Connect to panda network
    • Check for update
  • To Check if Panda is working at all
    • You can try to use the Android App "Torque" or similar software. Set Connection-Method to Wifi.

If you are asked to flash your panda, you can find it at the Panda Flashing page. This may recover a faulty programming,