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If you think openpilot did something wrong or unexpected, help the developers by adding the event information in the table below.

Route (DongleID | RouteTime) Event time (s) Username* Category** Version Comment (cabana public link optional) Status (fixed or blank)
2017309f22223f1b|2018-06-20--14-34-32 2540 Model OP engaged. The car suddenly hit the brakes around here for no apparent reason. It happened once before in the evening.
061c6fecfc347ea4|2018-05-29--22-31-51 195.873 Tyler M Model OP engaged but ZERO turning, the actuators are not engaged by the OP commands at all that I can tell Cabana Share Link FIXED
7d44af5b7a1b2c8e|2017-09-16--01-50-07 1400 lordricky Model big turn overshoot on Civic, mainly caused by model lag in straightening after sustained turn
6b884bbde494c0a5|2018-03-07--06-39-41 1000 Calibration/Mount Calibration reported as invalid but looks ok
453aca88a89910f0|2018-03-09--16-47-26 160-175 Model? did not make the right curve after the left curve on the s-curve @35mph engaged. there were instances where it did that turn perfectly fine at the same speed.
5a14cea88398e3ab|2018-03-14--14-46-09 420-460 and 568 Davidss Model Openpilot projects the virtual lines too wide and in the second example can't decide if one lane or two is the right width
6ba4e6b61f477d0d|2018-03-17--18-02-48 230 VanillaGorillaa Autofocus 0.4.3 Devel Focus completely lost
1f4052047e8f90e0|2018-03-17--13-37-05 300 VirtuallyChris Autofocus 0.4.3 Devel Focus lost during near ideal conditions
76c3bc6da8109da7|2018-03-19--11-50-06 2125 Lateral Control mpc trajectory completely off after 90 deg turn
fbd011384db5e669|2018-03-19--07-18-56 37-100 kevinroscom94 Car Interface ***FIXED*** (fixed by DBC change) "Steering Temporarily Unavailable;" unable to engage on Corolla FIXED
1f4052047e8f90e0|2018-03-20--16-33-38 1875-1950 and 1130 VirtuallyChris Autofocus Devel Focus remained slightly off for many minutes in ideal conditions
1f4052047e8f90e0|2018-03-20--17-52-48 1258 VirtuallyChris Autofocus Devel Focus going in and out in ideal conditions
6ba4e6b61f477d0d|2018-03-21--19-04-41 ~830 VanillaGorillaa Unexpected braking/model Devel Red car cuts me off and then car starts to swerve
fd10b9a107bb2e49|2018-03-23--07-34-46 ~735 mootwo Model release2 Car swerves severely to the left
fd10b9a107bb2e49|2018-03-23--12-45-47 ~160 to end mootwo Autofocus release2 Autofocus constantly changing
3704c4f2938907df|2018-03-23--09-04-22 ~480 to end Autofocus devel at 3d628a6 Autofocus stopped focusing, I thought it was trying to focus the dashboard reflection on the windshield, but it didn't focus back after reflection was gone.
91c9befc4a0603cd|2018-03-26--18-34-07 ~380 to ~460 gregjhogan Lateral Control devel w/ Bosch CR-V PR Vehicle constantly pulling to left and takes me over left lane line (if I let it) on straight stretch even though OP showed solid bright lines over top lane markings. This is an example of something that seems to happen daily now, but rarely happened in the past.
69753972bed747e4|2018-03-29--23-03-06 1629 Erich Moraga Unexpected braking/model devel OP braked pretty hard in the middle of the highway when there was a slight bend, and I was in the blind-spot of the truck to the right of me. He was on the outside of the bend, but in a different lane.
dc1f021401a9a85a|2018-04-04--19-10-41 368- m.r Lateral Control lateral and visiond, else Volt devel 4.3.1 OP not driving down middle of the lane, constant driver corrections needed
0d3d3f7e3c49092c|2018-04-23--12-15-00 930-935 seconds raghavan8585 Model 0.4.4 Devel Changed one lane on its own. Happened about 5.30 pm on April 22nd, my date and time settings are incorrect so it shows as 12.15am to 12.47 am drive. My car is a RAV4 XLE.
0d3d3f7e3c49092c|2018-04-23--16-36-00 150-155 seconds raghavan8585 Model 0.4.4 Devel Changed almost two lanes on its own and attempted to crash into an RV, was able to pull back. Happened about 9.36 am, my date and time settings are incorrect so it shows as 4.33pm to 4.45 pm drive. My car is a RAV4 XLE.
76c3bc6da8109da7|2018-05-02--17-29-50 512 codyprius Missed braking 0.4.5 Devel After coming to a complete stop I hit resume with the stock and the car starts to creep forward. Not sure if it would have stopped.
76c3bc6da8109da7|2018-05-05--05-23-12 2348, 2559, 2588, 3835, 3932, 3953, 3971, 4022, 4018, 4533, 4597 codyprius Unexpected braking Devel Car breaks randomly when going over bridges or just on a flat road. Plugging DSU back in fixes this, with DSU plugged in stock system sees 'a car' when crossing over a bridge even though there isn't one there but does not act on it.
c0236d5c573ab318|2018-05-03--23-08-15 OP not engaging Release2 On 2018 Civic Touring, OP will not engage but gives "openpilot Unavailable, Radar Error: Restart the car" message triggered by "RadarCommIssueNoEntry" event. Multiple people with this year model reported this. No errors in dashboard or EON until attempt to engage OP.

Update: 0.4.4 seems to work on this make/model

52781987f4c6601e|2018-05-19--11-25-51 677 Unexpected braking Devel Ghost braking
69753972bed747e4|2018-05-24--22-39-23 1070 Erich Moraga Unexpected lane change on straight HWY 0.4.6 devel While an 18-wheeler sorta' cut me off (spacing wasn't as good as I'd like), he lingered on the line, and OP swerved/drifted to the next lane where he came from. I'm not sure if the recognized lanes stayed the same, or were altered from the obstruction. Prius DSU connected, so OP was lateral only.
453aca88a89910f0|2018-06-17--18-29-08 880-900 kp623 steer unavailable 0.4.7 devel OP could not make the sharp turn. Manually tugging the steering caused steer unavailable error and OP was unavailable until car was restarted.
453aca88a89910f0|2018-06-17--18-45-06 after 1345 kp623 steer unavailable 0.4.7 devel OP could not make the sharp turn. Manually tugging the steering caused steer unavailable error and OP was unavailable until car was restarted.
0a78dfbacc8504ef|2018-06-18--11-28-54 5922-5956 csouers model 0.4.7 devel OP hugs right lane in certain situations. OP had been working for 1+ hours
061c6fecfc347ea4|2018-06-18--01-42-35 1104.127 Tyler M Model 0.4.7-devel Calibration completes and I engage OP for the first time on 0.4.7 - you can see almost immediately how the car moves to the right and the right tires are literally on the line or even a bit over. I course-correct manually, but I wanted someone who hasn't experienced this to actually see how dramatic it is. And it's odd because of how accurately the training lines are during the entire calibration process. Cabana Share Link
061c6fecfc347ea4|2018-06-18--01-42-35 267.619 Tyler M Model Moderate left-hand curve - watch from the timestamp and you can see the car is about to go into the field before I have to take over. This curve isn't that severe, I think the current model should be capable of handling it, but may have an issue with my Lexus (steering offset, etc.). Cabana Share Link
061c6fecfc347ea4|2018-06-18--01-42-35 330.794 Tyler M Model Same as above, but with a moderate right hand curve in this instance. These two curves are on the road leaving my neighborhood - each time I drive I capture data on them - I hope we can improve the model to handle them. Cabana Share Link
69753972bed747e4|2018-06-21--23-27-13 1890.000 Erich Moraga Safety Regarding the 6 minute timer... I reached the orange time limit, then red, and even after another minute, it never slowed down.]
453aca88a89910f0|2018-07-03--21-17-116 163-170 kp623 crossed solid white line devel OP makes this turn every single day at the same speed. It suddenly tried to move over to the right side of the road and I pulled it in.
453aca88a89910f0|2018-07-14--13-03-57 175-200 kp623 over steer and lane change 0.5 devel OP over steered to the right lane and automatically changed lane to the left only lane (which i wanted to make anyway).
fd10b9a107bb2e49|2018-07-25--07-19-52 320-380 mootwo Model 0.5 devel OP failed to detect or misdetected left lane line several times, causing OP to steer car to the left into grass or another lane.
92e710489d265940|2018-08-09--08-11-00 1989-1996 aset Model 0.5.1 On a median that has two double yellow lines OP misdetected left lane line, causing OP to steer onto the median with a rumble strip.

* optional

** Use one of the following:

  • Model: model misdetecting lane lines or path
  • Unexpected braking: car seemed to brake due to ghost object or no apparent reason
  • Missed braking: car did not brake and it should have
  • UI: a UI app (Waze, Spotify etc...) crashed and UI isn't displaying things correctly on the screen
  • Car interface: car is showing alerts on the dashboard, openpilot reporting CAN error...
  • Calibration/Mount: calibration fails and you don't know why, or you are unsure about how to mount best your EON
  • Autofocus: camera misjudging what is should be focused on
  • Lateral Controls: the red line, or green line as of (desired trajectory) does not look right
  • Other