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{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"
! Route (DongleID | RouteTime)
! <nowiki>Route (DongleID | RouteTime)</nowiki>
! Event time (s)
! Event time (s)
! Username*  
! Username*  

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If you think openpilot did something wrong or unexpected, help the developers by adding the event information in the table below.

Route (DongleID | RouteTime) Event time (s) Username* Category** Comment
2017-09-16--01-50-07 1400 big turn overshoot on Civic, mainly caused by model lag in straightening after sustained turn

* optional

** Use one of the following:

  • Model: model misdetecting lane lines or path
  • Unexpected braking: car seemed to brake due to ghost object or no apparent reason
  • Missed braking: car did not brake and it should have
  • UI: a UI app (Waze, Spotify etc...) crashed and UI isn't displaying things correctly on the screen
  • Car interface: car is showing alerts on the dashboard, openpilot reporting CAN error...
  • Other