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At, one of the keys to our success will be interfacing with cars already in the field. You know what firmware version is on your phone and your TV, why not your car?

After years of secrecy, it's time to finally expose what's inside the thing you drive everyday. We'll be announcing some stuff to light a fire under the car hacking community.

Welcome to the future home of the highest quality car information on the internet.


To document the sensors and actuators in your car.

How to Help

For now, just add whether the Panda gets a green light when plugged into your started car.

And if you don't have a panda, you can help document which cars have ACC, LKAS, and self parking. This is a great list to start from.

(you must have at least 500 comma points to edit this wiki)


neo is an open source robotics research platform. It is powered by a OnePlus 3(3T) smartphone and an STM32F205-based CAN interface board.

See the neo wiki page for more info.


Chffr is like Dropbox + Fitbit for your car. It's a Dashcamapp that powers's selfdriving-technology. For every minute you record you get one Comma Point. It is available for Android and iOS

See the chffr wiki page for more info.


panda is a universal car interface. Panda's allow you to talk to your car over USB and WiFi. It supports 3 CAN buses, 2 LIN buses, and 1 GMLAN. The software is 100% open source and is developed openly. Top contributors will be offered a job, has a budget to fund this development, as we win if cars are more open and easier to talk to.

See the panda wiki page for more info. Pandas are now for sale at


openpilot is an open source driving agent. It is capable of controlling the gas, brake, and steering on certain cars, reaching up to 6 minutes with no user action required (besides paying attention!).

See How it works


Cabana allows you to inspect, label and plot the data collected by panda which can then be saved to a dbc. The nice thing is that it’s synced with chffr video which allows for an extremely user friendly reverse engineering experience. You can scrub through video segments to target a specific driving event such as braking and associate the CAN messages for it.

View example Here

Candidate Vehicles

Is my vehicle a good candidate?

Vehicles made prior to 2015 are less likely to be a good candidate. The older the vehicle the less chance of support. Do not expect 10 year old car to be a good candidate without hardware modifications. Check the vehicle makes section to see if any information exists for your car. A little research into the systems below could indicate if your vehicle is a good candidate.

  • Good candidate vehicles are normally not base trim models.
  • Openpilot needs to be able to control the steering. Good candidates likely will have some sort of lane keep assist system or parking assist feature. Vehicles without one of these systems are less likely to have a built in system to control the steering. Openpilot also needs to be able access the current steering angle and control it over CAN.
  • Currently openpilot needs radar. Chances are your car won’t have this unless you have some sort of forward collision avoidance system/adaptive cruise control.
  • A way to electronically apply brakes. This is normally another feature that comes with forward collision avoidance. In theory some vehicles may have a way to apply the brakes with the ABS module but is still theory at this point.
  • Some minor things that are also good for the car to have
    • ABS (the car wouldn't know how to pump the brakes so it is best if your car has this)
    • Traction Control (again harder for the computer to maintain control of the car without it)

Can I modify my vehicle to be a better candidate?

There are ways to modify cars to be more compatible that would probably require adding motors, radar, and actuators. Use caution when doing this as it could affect your cars performance and safety. In general it’s better and safer to start with a good candidate vehicle than it is to modify braking or steering systems.

Vehicle Makes

Details and information on different makes and models of vehicles.

If you would like to add your vehicle, please see the vehicle guidelines for how to make the data most useful to others.

(*) Note - Data is unverified until someone can confirm they are correct.


If you are having any issues with Chffr, Panda, or Neo please refer to the links below