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Quick Start

If you are looking to get your EON up and running see the following guides



If you are having any issues with Chffr, Panda, or Neo please refer to the links below



Comma has a vibrant community working on new ports and features for Comma.

Check out the Discord server.

Community initiatives

The Openpilot Community

It is a community supported initiative with a special database website located at which features an up-to-date list of compatible vehicles, as well as vehicles that the community is working on porting. The website also includes Guides, Videos, and detailed information about each vehicle year make and model.

You may also want to subscribe to their subreddit: r/openpilotcommunity

Feedback/Feature requests

openpilot did something wrong or unexpected? Report the event in the openpilot Events.

Want to suggest a feature? Go to GitHub Issues Tracker and make your suggestions.

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