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Welcome to the future home of the highest quality car information on the internet.

Quick Start

If you are looking to get your EON up and running see the following guides




Chffr is like a Fitbit for your car. It's a dashcam app that powers's self-driving technology. For every minute you record you get comma points. Pair it with panda and view your compatible car's messages in cabana. It is available for Android and iOS

See the chffr wiki page for more info.


ChffrPlus is the default NEOS program for the EON. It doesn't allow for self driving but it does allow you to run Spotify, Waze, and Chffr all on the same phone with a great UI.


Openpilot is an open source driving agent. It is capable of controlling the gas, brake, and steering on certain cars, reaching up to 6 minutes with no user action required (besides paying attention!). Currently works with Panda and Giraffe on some Honda and Toyota cars with many more Honda and Toyota ports currently underway. See How it works and Installing OpenPilot on the EON for installation instructions for EON


Cabana is a web application that allows you to inspect, label, and plot vehicle data collected by panda which can then be saved locally or committed to GitHub in the form of a dbc file. Cabana syncs panda data with chffr data for an extremely user-friendly reverse engineering experience. This allows you to easily scrub through video segments to target a specific driving event, such as braking, and label the associated CAN messages.

View example here


The NEO and the EON run NEOS, a heavily modified version of android. See NEOS for more info.


If you are having any issues with Chffr, Panda, or Neo please refer to the links below



Comma has a vibrant community working on new ports and features for Comma. Check out the forums and the slack channel. You will need to sign up for slack by entering your email in this web app

How to Help

There are 4 ways to help:

  1. If you have a car listed here your car is supported by OpenPilot and recording your drives with chffr (or OpenPilot) will help build data to improve route tracking and sensor understanding
  2. If you have a different new model Honda, Toyota or GM that has both lane keeping assist (LKAS) and adaptive cruise control (ACC), there is probably already a port underway to your car. You should search/ask on the forums and get on Comma Slack and help with the porting.
  3. If you have a different make car with LKAS and ACC, you can get the Panda and use Chffr to record your drives. If you're a hardware hacker, check out the Giraffe source repo to start adapting Giraffe to your car. You can also use Panda and Chffr to start recording drives now and decoding what CAN messages are available from the diagnostics port.
  4. If you don't have a LKAS or ACC car, you can still help the research project by getting a Panda and recording your drives with Chffr! You will gain Comma points and help bring the future of self driving cars closer.

And if you don't have a panda, you can help document which cars have ACC and LKAS. This is a great list to start from.

Feedback/Feature requests

openpilot did something wrong or unexpected? report the event in the openpilot Events.

Want to suggest a feature? Go to the unofficial feedback/feature request tracker and make your suggestions.

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