Installing OpenPilot on the EON

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This page is for informational purposes only.

To install OpenPilot on your EON, you can follow this tutorial video

  • Navigate to the Chffrplus settings and select Uninstall
  • After you reboot, configure networking (either with SIM or WiFi)
  • NEOS will ask for an install URL; enter
  • The phone will begin the installation which will reboot and take 30 to 60 minutes, depending on network speed.
    • Don't worry if the screen is black for a long time, or has the loading spinner for a long time. Just be patient.
    • However, if the EON boots and does not have network access, it can and does hang indefinitely until the network comes back!

Note: There is currently a bug that only displays part of the keyboard when you try to sign into OpenPilot. To fix this reboot the EON.

Congratulations, you have OpenPilot on your EON!

(If you don't have an active SIM installed, you will want to manually set the EON's Date, Time, and Zone in Settings to have timestamps aligned to your clock.)

If you ever have to reinstall OpenPilot,

  • Reboot the EON and hold the volume down and the power buttons.
  • The phone should show the comma logo and boot into the cyanogenmod recovery screen.
  • Click "factory reset" then "full factory reset" and confirm.
  • Power off the phone and boot it back up
  • Then once again follow the steps listed above, minus the Chffrplus step

See Installing Giraffe and Installing EON for information on installing the hardware into your car See Configuring OpenPilot for information on how to get OpenPilot talking to your car.

See First OpenPilot Drive for next steps.

Visit #openpilot on and say hello