Installing EON

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1. Select the correct mount. The EON comes with a 22 degree mount installed (for sedans and coupes and other cars with a shallow angled windshield) and a 28 degree mount in the box (for cars with a steeper angle windshield like SUVs and vans). You can estimate by using the level functionality of your compass app on your phone with your car parked on a flat surface. It doesn't have to be exact but pick the one closer to your windshield angle. 2. Find a good mounting place. If you are installing with the Giraffe and Panda, install the Giraffe and Panda first and ensure that the EON mounting location is within reach of your USB cable and has a clear view of the road. Some users choose to remove their rearview mirrors, the chffr app has functionality to use the EON front-facing camera as a rearview mirror when turn signals or reverse gear is engaged. 3. Chffr will calibrate at above 45 miles per hour, so find a safe place to do that.