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Hyundai Elantra

  • 2016
    • Panda flashing red/blue alternating. No green.
  • 2018 (base model, no extras)
    • Panda works, captures Cabana data, but app says it needs additional support for this car.

2017 Hyundai Elantra Ultimate

Equipment / Features of the Vehicle:

  • LKAS - Steering counter-torque timeout for annunciation: 12 sec. and system disables at 15 sec.
  • ACC - No Stop and Go - Disables at 7 mph.
  • LDW
  • FCW
  • ABS
  • BSM
  • TPMS
  • ESC
  • HAC
  • VSM

Panda Operation through OBDII:

(port located near driver-side knee area)

While plugged in:

  • (Left) Alternating Red/Blue (Right) N/A

While plugged in and used with Chffr:

  • (Left) Quick successive alternating Red/Blue (Right) Rapid Blue

Front facing vehicle LKAS Camera/Module:

For the 2017 Elantra Ultimate this is model 95895F2000. It uses male and female connectors by K.E.T.: MG655794 / MG645845

Front facing vehicle LKAS Camera/Module cover removal guide:

Located slightly to the right behind the rear view mirror; it is a black long plastic housing. There are two plastic clips inside the middle area and a plastic male insert and the very end that goes into a lip at the end of the assembly thats connected to the vehicle. When trying to remove this plastic cover be sure to go slowly, carefully, and very gently.

- Find where the top of the black plastic housing ends near the overhead liner of the vehicle by the rear-view mirror. - Attempt to insert your finger or something thin and non abrasive at both sides on top into the housing. - Whilst moving the housing slowly and marginally side to side, attempt to move lower along the inside of the housing. - Continue with this method and you should be able to separate the clips toward the middle of the housing. - When both clips toward the middle are separated; gently move the housing slightly down and forward and in the direction away from the rear-view mirror.

To put the cover back on: Simply slide the bottom edge of the cover into the lip at the bottom of the assembly and move the cover up to lock both clips above.

Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid

  • 2017, Style/Premium (no analog gauge)
    • has a gateway behind the obd2-connector, which has the following behaviour:
    • Panda flashing red only. Blue (wifi) when connected. No other LEDs with chffr.
    • Panda flashing at least yellow, green and wifi-blue with Android app Torque.
    • Panda flashing blue and purple when connected to LKAS-connector via prototyped giraffe.

Hyundai Sonata

  • 2017
    • Panda flashing red/blue alternating. No green.

Hyundai Santa Fe

  • 2016
    • Panda flashing blue/green
  • 2018 (rental)
    • Panda works: steady green, flashing orange, flashing blue on right side

Kia Stinger

  • 2018 GT2 Twin Turbo
    • No useful bus on obdii port
      • Has Advanced cruise with stop and go, and Lane keep assist

Kia Optima

  • 2007 EX V6
    • Panda flashing orange/green
    • Vehicle has Traction Control and electronic throttle

Additional Info

(*) Note - Data is unverified until someone can confirm they are correct.