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The EON is the best dash cam for your car. It allows you to help self driving cars, record your drives, and unlike phones running Chffr in the summer the EON won't overheat with an included built in heatsink and fan to help keep it cool

  • Your iPhone or Android phone can run Chffr but the EON can run ChffrPlus.

You can buy one here

How to install an EON: Installing EON


Panda is a universal car interface. Panda's allow you to talk to your car over USB and WiFi. It supports 3 CAN buses, 2 LIN buses, and 1 GMLAN. The software is 100% open source and is developed openly.

See the panda wiki page for more info. Pandas are now for sale at [1]


Giraffe connects Panda to vehicle control buses that are not exposed via the standard diagnostics port, usually the LKAS and ACC sensors and commands live on these buses. There are currently 3 versions, one for Nidec Hondas, Bosch Hondas, Toyotas. Double check the connector and make sure it is compatible with your LKAS camera.

Buy Giraffe in the comma.ai shop for $60.

Or build it yourself or modify it for other makes of cars

See Installing Giraffe for help installing it


neo is an open source robotics research platform. It is powered by a OnePlus 3(3T) smartphone and an STM32F205-based CAN interface board. EON plus Panda is capable of everything that NEO is capable of.

See the neo wiki page for more info.


The Comma Pedal is an open-source, community supported gas-pedal interceptor. It is used to enable stop-and-go capability in cars that lack it.

See the Comma Pedal wiki page for more info.