First OpenPilot Drive

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  1. Make sure that the DIP switches for Giraffe are in the correct position for openpilot ("stock adas off" or "proxy stock adas w/panda") in this diagram before turning on your car.
  2. Make sure the EON is mounted properly and connected to the Panda by following Installing EON
  3. Make sure the EON has Internet access (either your wifi at home or a SIM card). Connect to a mobile hotspot if you don't have a SIM card
    1. Reboot your EON before turning your car on for good measure
  4. Turn your car on and verify that the Panda LEDs are pulsing red/blue/purple. If they are green, your panda is not flashed, see flashing instructions here Panda Flashing.
  5. OpenPilot should switch to "drive mode" and show the camera view with white lane marking
  6. Make sure that your EON is connected to the Internet or Calibration will not start


  1. Calibration will increment at above 15mph. It will take less than 30 seconds to fully calibrate. If you move the mount, it's recommended to reset camera calibration under "device settings".
  2. When driving, activate your stock LKAS and ACC systems to use openpilot


  1. You will have to port your car or update an existing port.
  2. Safely begin your drive. Calibration will remain at 0%, that's OK, it is still recording video and vital information necessary to get your car working.
  3. When driving, activate your stock LKAS and ACC systems. If possible, safely make voice notes (through a voice recorder) of what you are doing and when.
  4. When you get home, the drive should upload to Cabana. Go check it out (instructions TBD)
  5. You will need to work with the Slack community to port to your car. Check out the forums and Slack at #openpilot on