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What does comma.ai do? They provide software to make a self driving car.

How can I help comma.ai? Submit data with an EON. Port openpilot to your car.
Increase the bounty for your car as an incentive for developers.
Join the talk on Discord or Medium or Twitter. Extend the Wiki.
Spread the word about comma.ai and it's goal to enable g̶h̶o̶s̶t̶r̶i̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ selfdriving for the masses.

What are Comma Points? Comma Points are amazing!!!
Points are awarded as follows:

  • 1.0 point per minute (chffrplus or openpilot)
  • 0.5 points per minute with CAN data (white panda or grey panda)
  • 0.5 points per minute with EON (chffrplus or openpilot)
  • 0.5 points per minute with high-precision GPS data (grey panda)
  • 0.5 points per minute with driver monitoring (chffrplus or openpilot)

Bonus Points are awarded as follows:

  • 500 points for first upload of any data
  • 500 points for first 100 minutes uploaded of any data
  • 500 points for first upload of driver monitoring data

How can I get more information or Support? Discord is the most active source of information.
Official Support is available by contacting [support@comma.ai support@comma.ai].

Why can't i edit the Wiki? Only Members with at least 500 Comma Points can edit the Wiki

What is commacoloring? commacoloring is like an adult coloring book which helps to improve the self driving-model even further. Submitting Comma Colorings earns you 1 Comma Point at a time. Comma coloring is no longer maintained

Is any of this Open Source? Yes, you can find it all Open Source projects by comma.ai on its github.

This is way too hard. Don't you have a video tutorial? VirtuallyChris documented his process of making his Honda Civic drive with openpilot. Here is a Basic Install Guide If you struggle at any point feel free to search/ask in Discord.

So who is this George Hotz guy again? George Hotz is the founder of comma.ai, creator of reactions.co, first person to unlock an iPhone.
He also released several jailbreaks for iPhones and the PS3.
More info about this and his projects can be found on his Wiki, Website and github.

How does the openpilot know how to drive? Comma.ai collects video and CAN-data from Openpilot users and trains a Machine-Learning-Model how to drive.
This works similar to how you teach a kid what a chair is.
You show it several chairs and tell it that it's called a "chair".
Once it has seen enough chairs it will correctly recognize other chairs.
This method is used for other things as well.
For example google is able to show you pictures of chairs from the internet because it taught its image recognition model by showing it hundreds upon thousands of pictures of chairs before.


What is the Panda? In basic terms, Panda is a small device that plugs into your OBDII port, not unlike many generic ones available... However the Panda enables you to read all messages on the cars canbus. Interpreting these signals is the key to unlocking a basic self driving car, knowing each input done physically by the driver in code enables it to be replicated. The Panda has sensors to read, 3x CAN, 2x LIN, 1x GMLAN, Computer Side USB with fast charging for your phone and Wifi

How can i get a Panda? Buy one here. The original White Panda is not recommended for Production use as it will not support the upcoming HD Maps functionality. It does have, however, WiFi which can make it an ideal unit for development use as it can send data wirelessly to a computer if EON is not used. The Grey version supports precision GPS which will support future features and is recommended.

What is Explorer? Explorer is where to go to view your recent drives. You can also annotate disengagements (tell comma.ai why you took control of the vehicle) this helps improve the system and further development.

What is Cabana? Cabana is comma.ai's analysis tool for data recorded with Panda.

How do I view my drives in cabana? Cabana is now accessible through Explorer. Select a drive and at the bottom you will see "Open in Cabana". Only drives recorded with CAN data can be viewed in cabana.

Can I share my drives? Yes, you can share your drives from via the corresponding Link, but keep in mind that these links can not be withdrawn and could expose your privacy.

Where can I find details on what DIP switches I need on my Giraffe? Each diagram is available in the README.md file in the Github project in the Neo/Giraffe folder.
Honda (Bosch): [1]
Honda (Nidec): [2]
Hyundai: [3]
Toyota: [4]

What is Comma Power and do I need it? Many systems have constant power flowing through the port where the Giraffe connects, however some like Toyota and Honda (Bosch) do not. The issue is that if the stock ADAS boots up prior to receiving the messages from the Panda, it triggers the "cruise fault" messages like Adaptive Cruise failure warnings and errors. These messages do not go away for Toyotas until the vehicle resets resulting in an inability to eliminate the errors. Comma Power bypasses this issue by taking the constant power from the OBD port and plugging into the Giraffe. Note that this will keep your Panda on 24/7 which can generate heat and utilize power. Care should be taken if vehicle is to be unattended for long periods of time.

Note that Honda (Bosch) is different from Toyota in that the "cruise fault" messages will go away once the Panda and EON have fully powered up and are processing. This makes Comma Power optional.

Comma Power is included in orders for both Honda (Bosch) as well as Toyota Giraffes.


What is OpenPilot? OpenPilot is open-source software that runs on the EON device to control your car.

What can OpenPilot do? OpenPilot performs the functions of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS).
It has similar functionality with Tesla Autopilot and GM Super Cruise. It maintains your vehicle in your lane and slows down/speeds up for the vehicle ahead on straight and mildly curvy roads. It also records the car's CAN bus data and forward-facing video to train the driving model to perform better for all users.

What does OpenPilot not do? OpenPilot does not drive your car from point A to point B, end-to-end. It does not allow you to take your eyes off the road, check your phone, go to sleep, or do any of the unsafe things you may see people doing in other vehicles on YouTube. You, the driver, are responsible for taking over control at any time.

How does OpenPilot work? It uses the EON onboard camera to read the lane lines, center the car in-between them, and follow curves. It uses the car’s CAN bus to read data from the powertrain and radar buses, makes a decision, and writes messages back to the bus. The car’s control electronics interpret those messages to accelerate/decelerate the car, and turn the steering wheel.

How does OpenPilot compare to the OEM Systems? The OEM systems often have complicated calibration routines, limited lane finding abilities and often weave or bounce off the lane markings (called "ping pong").
OpenPilot has numerous improvements to those static systems and improves over time automatically through upgrades ,
In addition, the code is open-source and can be customized and there are numerous software forks to choose from.
OpenPilot also gives you the critical ability to view real time processing and decision-making. All CAN bus data and video is transmitted and stored on Comma's servers for later playback free of charge.

Does OpenPilot see the car in front of me? Yes, OpenPilot sees the radar signature of the vehicle ahead of you and maintains a distance of approximately 1.8 seconds. On most models, your vehicle can come to a complete stop while under OpenPilot control. On many hybrid models, the car can resume moving from a complete stop without driver intervention. See opc.ai for more details on supported models.

Does OpenPilot detect traffic lights? No. There is no traffic light detection at this time.

Does OpenPilot make turns at intersections? No. Human intervention is required at this time.

Does OpenPilot slow down for turns or at intersections? If there is a car ahead of you, it will detect it and slow down to maintain a safe distance. Without a vehicle ahead, it will not slow down.

Why can’t OpenPilot slow down for turns? HD Maps are needed to give OpenPilot a better understanding of the local environment and how to operate within it.

Where/When can I get HD Maps? Comma.ai is working on open-source HD Maps, targeted by the end of 2018 or early 2019. See this Medium article: https://medium.com/@comma_ai/hd-maps-for-the-masses-9a0d582dd274

Does OpenPilot follow speed limits? No. The driver sets the desired speed. Minimum speeds are usually limited by the ECU in each car and are model-dependent.


What is a EON? It's an all in one device that contains a range of sensors including gyroscopes and a camera which are required for self driving.
It's basically comprised of a interface board connected to a cellphone which runs on a custom Android OS in order to send the correct signals to your car.
The phone is the powerhouse of the entire device and a panda is used to send/receive CAN messages.
The EON and NEO were based on the OnePlus 3 and 3T while the EON Gold uses a LeEco Le Pro 3.

Why should I let a computer drive me if I am perfectly capable at driving? A well trained computer will drive better than you ever will. It can calculate speed differences and react much quicker than a person can. A computer also has no chance of falling asleep behind the wheel. A network of cars driven by computers will be able to communicate between each other much better than people can. 4 way stops won't have to exist if when implemented properly. Traffic congestion will ease. Car-pooling might go up as well.

Where can I buy a EON? EONs can be purchased at the comma shop.

Is my car compatible with Openpilot/EON? The List of compatible cars is ever increasing. Check if your car is compatible already here or join the research and make your car compatible.

What is needed for my car to be compatible? You will need a car with electronic braking and throttle to control longitudinal movement. An existing lane keep assistance system is needed to control lateral movement of the car. Radar is currently needed.

How do I get compatibility for my car? Assuming you meet the hardware compatibility criteria, here are a few options: Use a panda and view the data gathered from the car in cabana to decipher the messages and port your car. Do you need a sim card to run openpilot? You do not need a SIM card to run openpilot, but it will help by uploading driving data while you drive.

Will installing EON running openpilot void my warranty? The magnuson-moss warranty act is the saving grace and the manufacturer would have to prove it caused the part to fail to void warranty [5]


After plugging in my EON, Giraffe and Panda, I can’t enable Open Pilot
If this is your first OP drive, complete these steps: First OpenPilot Drive
- With the car off, reset the Giraffe and Panda then restart the car.
- With the car off, reboot the EON, wait for it to complete and then restart the car.

I am getting Adaptive Cruise and other Errors on my Dash
If vehicle is to be intended to be used without OP (ie: Stock ADAS on), the EON cannot be connected to the Panda [Bosch triggers errors until car shutoff]
If vehicle is intended to be used with OP (ie: Stock ADAS off), here are some common things to check:
- Panda needs to be seated firmly. Although care should be taken not to damage Giraffe, force needs to be applied to ensure a tight fit
- EON must be connected and running in order to use this mode
- Ensure that EON is fully charged. Low Battery conditions (even while charging from Panda) are a common issue of errors.

If errors are still not resolved, ensure that vehicle performs properly with Stock ADAS on and EON disconnected. This will ensure Giraffe is connected properly.

I hear a high pitched sound. Is my Fan bad?
The EON Gold has additional cooling to prevent it from overheating during heavy loads in hotter weather.
The fan used in the EON Gold is a high RPM fan that may be uncomfortable for some users.
Many users have found success in using aftermarket fans from Noctua.

Original Fan: Delta Electronics BFB0405HHA-A [6]
Noctua Fan: NF-A4x10 5V (5 Volt, 3 Wire) [7]

Note that the existing fan is a blower-style fan and by going with a Noctua fan, it will need to be mounted externally on the heatsink [8]
Wiring can be achieved by carefully snipping the red and black fan wires to the Noctua.