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'''What is Explorer?
'''What is Explorer?
[https://my.comma.ai Explorer] is where to go to view your recent drives. You can also annotate disengagement (tell comma.ai why you took control of the vehicle) this helps improve the system and further development.
[https://my.comma.ai Explorer] is where to go to view your recent drives. You can also annotate disengagements (tell comma.ai why you took control of the vehicle) this helps improve the system and further development.
'''What is Cabana?
'''What is Cabana?

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What does comma.ai do? They provide software to make a self driving car.

How can I help comma.ai? Submit data with chffr, Panda or EON. Port openpilot to your car. Increase the bounty for your car as an incentive for developers. Join the talk on the forums, Slack the Medium or Twitter. Extend the Wiki. Spread the word about comma.ai and it's goal to enable g̶h̶o̶s̶t̶r̶i̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ selfdriving for the masses.

What are Comma Points? Comma Points are amazing. Comma Points are awarded as follows: - 1 Comma Point per Minute recorded with Chffr - 1.5 Comma Points per Minute for Chffr recordings with Panda - 2 Comma Points per Minute for drives with OpenPilot/ChffrPlus - 2.5 Comma Points per Minute for drives with OpenPilot/ChffrPlus and Grey Panda -3 Comma Points per Minute for drives with OpenPilot/ChffrPlus, Grey Panda, and Driver Camera upload

Does the forum have a searchfunction? Yes, but there simply is no button to access it. Simply go to community.comma.ai/search.php

How can I communicate with other users in a more informal manner? Join the slack channel, you'll find the details on comma.ai you're likely to get quick support, advice and find out lots of up to date and interesting user feedback.

Why can't i edit the Wiki? Only Members with at least 500 Comma Points can edit the Wiki

What is commacoloring? commacoloring is like an adult coloring book which helps to improve the self driving-model even further. Submitting Comma Colorings earns you 1 Comma Point at a time. Comma coloring is no longer maintained

Is any of this opensource? Yes, you can find it all opensource projects by comma.ai on its github.

This is way too hard. Don't you have a video tutorial? VirtuallyChris documented his process of making his Honda Civic drive with openpilot. Here is a Basic Install Guide If you struggle at any point feel free to search the forums or ask there or slack.

So who is this George Hotz guy again? George Hotz is the founder of comma.ai, creator of reactions.co, first person to unlock an iPhone. He also released several jailbreaks for iPhones and the PS3. More info about this and his projects can be found on his Wiki, Website and github.

How does the openpilot know how to drive? Comma.ai collects video and CAN-data from Openpilot users and trains a Machine-Learning-Model how to drive. This works similar to how you teach a kid what a chair is. You show it several chairs and tell it that it's called a "chair". Once it has seen enough chairs it will correctly recognize other chairs. This method is used for other things as well. For example google is able to show you pictures of chairs from the internet because it taught its image recognition model by showing it hundreds upon thousands of pictures of chairs before.


What is chffr? chffr is like dropcam + fitbit, a dash cam that doubles as a way to train a self driving car model at comma.ai. It is available for Android and iOS

How do I view my drives on chffr? Drive Explorer Select your drive and use the slider to skip through. Video playback is possible too, just press V where you want the video to start from. it may take a few seconds to start. Speed is updated when using the slider but stops when viewing video.

My phone has problems/ crashes running chffr, why? Most likely this is due to heat caused by the intensity of the chffr app. Try mounting it high, and keep the ac on for best performance. Or if you have another idea share it on the forum.

Why is my phone not supported by chffr? Chffr requires GPS and camera api 2 for android devices. This new api allows them to control the maximum ISO and minimum shutter speed for quality video. Iphones must be on ios 9.3+.

What are the differences between chffr on Android and iOS? chffr on Android and iOS currently don't share the same codebase and are developed individually. Since APIs on iOS are somewhat restricted, there are some downsides compared to chffr on Android. chffr on iOS can NOT record in background and can only upload in background for 10 minutes at a time before having to be opened again.

Will my car drive itself once i install chffr? No, chffr only records video in order to train a Machine-Learning-Model how to drive. This model powers the openpilot on the comma EON, which can drive compatible cars.


What is panda? In basic terms, panda is a small device that plugs into your obdii port, not unlike many generic ones available... However a panda enables you to read all messages on the cars canbus. Interpreting these signals is the key to unlocking a basic self driving car, knowing each input done physically by the driver in code enables it to be replicated. The Panda has sensors to read, 3x CAN, 2x LIN, 1x GMLAN, Computer Side USB with fast charging for your phone and Wifi

How can i get a Panda? Buy one here.

What is Explorer? Explorer is where to go to view your recent drives. You can also annotate disengagements (tell comma.ai why you took control of the vehicle) this helps improve the system and further development.

What is Cabana? Cabana is comma.ai's analysis tool for data recorded with Panda.

How do I view my drives in cabana? Cabana is now accessible through Explorer. Select a drive and at the bottom you will see "Open in Cabana". Only drives recorded with CAN data can be viewed in cabana.

Can I share my drives? Yes, you can share your drives from via the corresponding Link, but keep in mind that these links can not be withdrawn and could expose your privacy.


What is openpilot? It is the software that runs on the EON to tell your car what to do. It contains the driving model that had been trained up to the release of the version of openpilot.

What can openpilot do? openpilot performs the functions of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS). It's about on par with Tesla Autopilot and GM Super Cruise, and better than all other manufacturers.

What is a EON? It's an all in one device that contains a range of sensors including gyroscopes and a camera which are required for self driving. It's basically comprised of a interface board connected to a Oneplus 3/3t which runs on a custom OS in order to send the correct signals to your car. The OnePlus 3/3t is the powerhouse of the entire device and a panda is used to send/receive CAN messages.

Why should I let a computer drive me if I am perfectly capable at driving? A well trained computer will drive better than you ever will. It can calculate speed differences and react much quicker than a person can. A computer also has no chance of falling asleep behind the wheel. A network of cars driven by computers will be able to communicate between each other much better than people can. 4 way stops won't have to exist if when implemented properly. Traffic congestion will ease. Car-pooling might go up as well.

Where can I buy a EON? EONs can be purchased at the comma shop.

Is my car compatible with Openpilot/EON? The List of compatible cars is ever increasing. Check if your car is compatible already here or join the research and make your car compatible.

What is needed for my car to be compatible? You will need a car with electronic braking and throttle to control longitudinal movement. An existing lane keep assistance system is needed to control lateral movement of the car. Radar is currently needed.

How do I get compatibility for my car? Assuming you meet the hardware compatibility criteria, here are a few options: Use chffr paired with a panda and view the data gathered from the car in cabana to decipher the messages and port your car. Do you need a sim card to run openpilot? You do not need a SIM card to run openpilot, but it will help by uploading driving data while you drive.

Will installing EON running openpilot void my warranty? The magnuson-moss warranty act is the saving grace and the manufacturer would have to prove it caused the part to fail to void warranty [1]


After plugging in my EON, Giraffe and Panda, I can’t enable Open Pilot
If this is your first OP drive, complete these steps: First OpenPilot Drive
- With the car off, reset the Giraffe and Panda then restart the car.
- With the car off, reboot the EON, wait for it to complete and then restart the car.