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Below are the current community bounties for ports. Please include slack/forum username and amount you want to contribute. If looking to add a new car please indicate year and trim.

Also note has official bounties at

2018 Kia Stinger GT

User-Killian - $1,000

Honda Civic EPS

Goal: Increase steering torque as well as enable steering down to 0mph


  • Must be flashed with panda
  • Flashing can occur without failure
  • Verified to not have a checksum error (not voiding warranties or being detectable)
  • Ease of reversal / a backup of stock firmware to re-flash in the future
  • Support for all Honda Sensing trim levels
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions for all to follow

Bounty Users / Amount:

  • User- codename224 - $700 (Will be lowered substantially if not completed by May 2018)
  • User- vanillagorillaa - $300
  • User- Chase - $200
  • User- ryan - $200
  • User- BallerAbdude - $300
  • User- VirtuallyChris - $300