Running ChffrPlus on the EON

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ChffrPlus comes with the EON, and is a great dashcam app that includes navigation and a music player. The dashcam and data logger utility integrate with your Comma account to earn you Comma points.

Connect the EON USB to the Panda attached to your Giraffe (Be sure that the Giraffe has DIP switches set properly according to the instructions in Installing Giraffe) which is installed in your LKAS camera, and start your car. The ChffrPlus should detect that your car has started, you should see a white panda in the upper right (not grayed out) and the panda itself should be pulsing red/blue/purple. If the Panda is green or the Panda icon is grayed out on the ChffrPlus screen, it is not connected properly.

When you first run ChffrPlus it needs to calibrate. Calibration can only happen at above 45mph, so safely travel at above 45mph for about 20 to 30 minutes in order to complete calibration and begin using ChffrPlus.