Installing Giraffe

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If you have a OpenPilot compatible car, it has a lane keeping assist camera mounted to the windshield behind the rearview mirror. The Giraffe plugs between that camera and the wires that go to your car.

In order to access the plug, you will need to remove the camera cover. These are different resources depending on your car.

Other cars are probably similar.

Second make sure that the DIP switches for Giraffe are in the correct position for passive monitoring ("stock adas on") in this diagram this diagram

For info on what the individual switches are, see Honda Giraffe Readme or Toyota Giraffe Readme

Unplug the cable going to the car from the receptacle in the camera and install the Giraffe between them, firmly seating the car cable into the Giraffe and the Giraffe into the stock ADAS camera, then plug the Panda into the Giraffe OBDII port, and plug the EON into the Giraffe USB port.

Next see Installing EON and the software guides linked there.