Installing EON

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For installation in a Honda, see this tutorial video to find out correct placement and installation with a panda and giraffe.

For installation in a Toyota, see this instruction video.

  1. Select the correct angled mounting plate adapter.
    1. The EON comes with a 22 degree GoPro style mounting bracket installed (for sedans and coupes and other cars with a shallow angled windshield) and a 28 degree mount in the box (for cars with a steeper angle windshield like SUVs and vans). Use the included allen wrench to change mounting brackets.
    2. You can estimate by using the level functionality of your compass app on your phone with your car parked on a flat surface. It doesn't have to be exact but pick the one closer to your windshield angle.
  2. Mount the EON adapter.
    1. You want the EON camera to be directly underneath the stock LKAS camera for the best view of the road.
    2. If you are installing with the Giraffe and Panda, install the Giraffe and Panda first and ensure that the USB can reach the Panda
    3. Removing your rearview mirror and mounting the EON directly to the mirror mount is usually the preferable solution. The sticky pad GoPro mount can be used if that is not possible, but if steering problems arise later, mounting to the rearview mirror mount is the suggested solution.
    4. Here is a 3d printable STL file for a Honda Rearview Mirror Mount to GoPro adapter (may fit other cars too)
    5. If the sticky pads are used, make sure that the EON is centered with the camera directly under the stock LKAS camera and leveled.

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